The Development of Digital Marketing in Indonesia

Indonesia has a great prospect in digital marketing in the future. The latest statistic and data stated that the use of internet and mobile devices increased significantly. The information below gives you wider overview about internet and mobile devices worldwide including Indonesia.

The Statistic of Internet and Mobile Users Worldwide

No doubt that most people around the world are an active mobile user. Based on the latest data, 5 billions people are using mobile devices actively. Due to this fact, there is also a significant improvement on the amount of internet users. In 2018, around 4.0 billions people worldwide are an active internet user. Interestingly, the most popular online activity is using social media and based on the data, 3.2 billions people worldwide are an active social media user. At the same time, people want to connect to internet and social media right away anywhere and anytime they want. Mobile devices are the best solution and this is the reason why up to 3.0 billions people worldwide are using mobile phones to connect to their social media account.

The Use of Internet and Mobile Devices in Indonesia

Partially, Indonesia is included on the statistic above. Even, Indonesia ranked in some aspects related to the use of internet and mobile devices. For example, Indonesia is on the 4thposition worldwide on spending time using internet. Indonesians spend almost 9 hours a day. Just like any other countries, Indonesians also love to use internet to connect to social media. In fact, they spent up to 3 hours a day only to connect to social media. Based on the time spending, Indonesia is ranked on the 3rd position worldwide on social media spending time. Indonesians also considered as an active mobile phone user and they often use their devices to connect to the internet. In specific, they spend up to 4 hours a day only to connect to internet using their mobile phone. The data includes Indonesia on the 3rd position worldwide as the highest active internet users in mobile devices. Besides using internet for social media, they also tend to share important and interesting information from website and this activity reaches 72% of the overall online activities. The significant result here gives impact to the digital optimism percentage in Indonesia by 71%. The high level of digital optimism percentage listed Indonesia on the 7th position in the countries which accept new technology worldwide. Social media is one of the interesting examples of new technologies in which it is increased significantly up to 49%. Facebook becomes the most famous social media and up to 130 million people use the social media actively and it placed Indonesia as the 4th biggest Facebook users worldwide. The interesting fact is also the way Indonesians use social media. They are not only used social media for fun but also for buying or selling something. It can be seen from the fact that Indonesians can spend up to $251 only for online trading. The most challenging for digital marketers in Indonesia is on promoting their products, services, or brands. This is concerning to the fact that most of or 50% of Indonesians are blocking ads by using Ads blockers application and Indonesia is listed on 3rd position related to the case.

The Future Prospect for Digital Marketing Industry in Indonesia

The fact above is interesting enough especially for digital marketing industry. The statistic concludes that social media has an important role and develop to support digital marketing industry in the future. Internet users will use social media not only to communicate or socialize but also to find more information about products, services, and brands they want to know further. It seems that social media builds trust of the buyers to the sellers and it makes up to 59% buyers buy something through social media. Moreover, social media is considered as simple and fun trading medium. In the future, internet users are not only depending on text but also in the form of audio visual contents. Audio visual contents help them to understand the content better and faster. Due to this fact, there will be also significant improvement on voice control and images search system. Internet users want to replace something complicated into simpler such as replacing keyboard and typing into voice control or finding info graphic images instead of reading text.

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The Things to Consider by Digital Marketing Industry in Indonesia

The statistic above also triggers development in digital marketing industry. More and more people who want to boost their online business will take some digital marketing courses. Those courses are including direct message marketing, social media marketing, how to make interesting information, how to get closer to online customers, and how to use new technologies to support their business. The key is trying to get closer and the trust of internet users along with the latest technology. If marketers are able to get close and the trust their business will grows rapidly.

Trick for Digital Marketing Agencies to Win Tight Competition

So, is it important to spend money for advertising due to the fact that Indonesians tend to block ads? Absolutely! In fact, the spent in digital marketing in Indonesia reaches up to $2.1 billion so far. It is predicted that the total will be increased up to $4.3 billion in only 3 years. This is the reason why digital marketing industry has a great prospect in Indonesia. One of the best digital marketing industries is digital marketing agency and there are hundreds of digital marketing agencies in Indonesia. The competition is also tight. There are several important things to notice to win the competition.

- Budget
Digital marketing agencies need to consider about the price they offered to the customers. Most of customers love to take digital marketing agencies which offer great services along with reasonable price. Just consider their budget.

- Skillful Team
Digital agencies need to be supported by skillful and professional team. The team has to master all the skills needed while serving their customers as well as learning new skills. The more skills the team have, the more customers who will hire them.

- Clear Services
Customers need to understand the services and packages faster before hiring a digital agency. That’s why digital agencies need to share clear services and packages. For example, they have to explain the services, price, and the benefits briefly. A digital agency has to give something that can’t be given by other digital agencies.

At the same time, digital agencies have to face several challenging problems including internet speed, Ad blockers, and the rapid and dynamic changing on customer’s habit. Creative is the key to beat the challenges.

To grab attention from online marketers and brands, digital agencies in Indonesia should overcome the problems as well as offering something interesting. Marketers want to boost their sales and it needs great strategies. That is the duty of digital agencies to find the best strategies to boost business or sales of their clients. Indeed, involving social media to boost online business or sales is very valuable. Digital marketing agencies need to combine mobile platform, content marketing, and customer experience. The challenge is to make interesting and attracting content for customers, get closer with them, and lead them to buy specific products, service, or brands. Digital marketing agencies also need to maximize the role of new technology such as chat bots, artificial intelligence, the latest data, and many more to boost sales. In fact, all the features available are valuable thing to find reliable buyers than before. To boost digital agency business, the owners need to consider the role of chat bots, Virtual Reality, live streaming, interesting contents, geo location technology, and augmented reality.

Recommended Digital Marketing Agency in Indonesia

Arfadia is one of trusted digital marketing agencies in Indonesia. The service is supported by professional team and they are ready to helps their clients to promote products, services, and brands. They know that creative is the key to win the tight competition and this is why the digital marketing agency is known as a creative agency in Jakarta. Arfadia started the service since 2008 and keep develop along with the latest technology and infrastructure to serve their clients. Nowadays, the digital marketing agency is ready to handle specific projects, including :

- Web application development projects
- Mobile application development projects
- Website development projects
- Software Production Projects / Software Edukasi untuk Sekolah / Software Sekolah
- Video, audio, and audio visual projects
- E-Learning
- Commercial photography
- Webhosting

Arfadia is trying to be the best digital marketing agency in Jakarta, Indonesia. To achieve the goal, the digital marketing agency is serving their clients by using professional staffs to make sure that they can achieve promotion target ROI. The service wants to make sure that the amount of money clients spend is worth it with the result they get. Furthermore, the agency is improving their quality by achieving some important certifications, such as:

- ISO 9001: 2008 for Quality Management System
- ISO 14001: 2004 for Environmental Management System
- OHSAS 18001: 2007 for Management System Occupational Health and System

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The focus of the agency is not only to help clients to develop digital marketing system but also on digital marketing education, software, hardware, trainings, and web applications. Along with skillful staffs and compatible infrastructure, the agency is ready to help various clients including students, project managers, health industries, sport industries, government, and many more. Arfadia is also covering social media projects. As the best digital agency in Indonesia, they want to serve high quality of services along with reasonable and competitive price.

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