Ardena food is the processed frozen food brand produced by PT Ardena Artha Mulia. They focused on the processed seafood and Ardena Food is pretty sure that they making the quality food which is so healthy, tasty, easy to serve, contains high nutrient and the affordable prices can be added more value to all families in Indonesia. They also provide you with the best menus suitable for any age.
Reasons why you choosing Ardena frozen foods
Best quality
We are often couraged by choosing the foods that we usually eat based on freshness. However, this is the common myth that all fresh foods are more tasty and nutritious than frozen foods. Even there are some studies that compare the fresh and frozen vegetables found that there is no difference related to their nutrition contents. Freezing is the natural way to preserve the food and human have been frozen the food for millennia. You should know that Ardena frozen foods have created by a great team with the standard and nutrient that you need. They are quick frozen in order to lock all of the goodness.
Very convenience
You should know that maintain the cabinet full of the fresh food in order to make fresh meal will take so much time and planning as well. It also needs more trips to the supermarket or the local stores. Ardena foods will give you with easier options because they are available near to your location because they also have so many local distributions. Just in a short time, you will get the freezer stocked with so many tasty foods ready to be served anytime you want it.
Affordable foods
The poor quality in the supermarket ready foods was often cheap, however, they might contain a high of salt, saturated fat, and sugar. Then Ardena working so hard to keep their ready foods as cost-effective four their customers by offering great value options as well. However, they might not compromise on the quality of their foods and they have a commitment to the nutrition means – you will find the tasty meals no matter what your dietary needs.
More flexible option
Choosing the frozen foods will give you the flexibility during your mealtimes, then your favorite meals will be kept in the freezer until you are ready. It means that your kitchen was filled up with so many foods without you need to worry that it will be wasted or off. It does not matter if your plan changes or you do not feel very hungry one day.
Ardena food has dozens of distribution points spread across DKI, Banten, Jakarta and West Java. Ardena still tries to continue expanding throughout the major cities in Indonesia with the various distribution channels such as modern markets, general trade, horeca, and online communities. If you are curious about the frozen foods that they offered, then you can check its official website. There are many benefits if you choose Ardena frozen foods, especially if you have a tight schedule and pushed you to always make a portion of tasty food in a home.

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